Make sure my style of photography is what you are looking for. I like to use a non traditional style of photography that is not always perfect. For instance, part of your childs head may be cropped out of the picture, or the shot may be very close up on the face, or the picture may be off center (meaning the focus of the picture may not be in the dead center). I like to mix it up and make it interesting so not every picture is the same.


If you have a desired location I am more than happy to meet you there. If you are not sure exactly what you want to do I can help with some ideas and suggestions. For newborn sessionsI suggest having the session in my studio which is ot of my home. If you want a more personal touch I suggest having the session at your house. It is helpful if your house has windows with adequate natural light. The nursery is a fantastic setting for newborn sessions so that you can always remember the little knick knacks. It is also convenient for new momma's to have everything they need right there in the home.

For other sessions outdoor locations are my favorite. The best lighting is either overcast skies or sunset but we usually dont have control over that so we will work with whatever we get. Any park with big trees are fantastic.

Clothing recomendations and accessories:

I love love love bright colors! They always photograph beautifully and add so much life to the picture. Denim, courdroy and textured clothing also photograph very well. Try to bring accesories like hats, scarfs, ties, shoes and blankets with any texture for newborns. Feel free to incorporate things you or your child love to add a personal touch.